Friday, October 18, 2013

40 Love!

Atomic Pushup
Ahh! Remember me?! SOOO, it's been awhile, but here is a great workout to get back into it!
I call it "40 LOVE" and here is how it goes:

1/2 mile RUN or 1/4 mile WALK (we were in a group so this kept our time close)
40 Atomic Pushups (TRX or with a ball)
1/2 mile RUN or 1/4 mile WALK
40 Duck Unders (We used a bar, but can do low side squats)
40 Wall Toss (Medicine Ball-8lbs+)
1/2 mile RUN or 1/4 mile WALK
40 Hop Overs (Hands on bench 6 risers high and hops side to side)
40 Squat Thrust (10lbs+ dumbbells, hands in front, palms facing each other, squat then press arms up)
1/2 mile RUN or 1/4 mile WALK
40 TRX Pike (Can be done on ball)
40 Squat Jumps (I HATE these!)
1/2 mile RUN or 1/4 mile WALK

Should take about an hour to do it all!


Monday, August 12, 2013

A Week of Push-Ups!

This week we are focusing on Push-Ups and some of the variety of push-ups I've talked about on this blog will be demonstrated on #katsmoveoftheday starting with the breakdown of a BASIC PUSH-UP, and then also ELEVATED FEET, ELEVATED HANDS, GRASSHOPPER, and STAGGERED

As I make the videos, I'll add the link to this page or just check Instagram daily for the new move!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


For today's #katsmoveoftheday we are breaking down the basic plank.
Simple enough but SO helpful with the variety of planks out there!
Check it out here!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elevated Plank Variations

First off, um, this picture is amazing! I'm not expected everyone to look like that, 
and frankly I hope many people DON'T!

(find me on Instagram at ormson227)

Elevated Plank Variations!

Hold the plank, bring knees to chest, or bring knees to elbows!

Seriously a ROCKIN' way to attack your abs!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Trying Something New: Kat's Move of the Day!

My New Year's Resolution was to post a workout daily and I obviously am slacking on that one,
so I decided to try something new! I've recently joined the world of "smart phones" and
"Instagram" and all those cool things, so I'm going to use the nice social media to
start posting Kat's Move of the Day!
On Instagram, you can search #katsmoveoftheday and you should be able to find the 
lovely me, looking ridiculous, trying to show a move!
To make it more entertaining, my 7 year old will likely be my camera-girl until schools starts.
Basically my head is missing in the first video! We tried about 4 times though and then Deckland
ran away, so the 5th was the winner!

Here's the link for today's move DIPS!
(I'm working on actually posting the video here!)

OR you can follow me on Instagram at ormson227 or facebook at Katrina Ormson!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Soreness 101

In light of yesterday's antics, today's post is about taking care of your sore muscles. 
Some believe that tylenol or ibuprofen are the key, or maybe a deep muscle massage!
Where I'm not denying that I would LOVE a massage, realistically, it's
not something I can do once a week or even once a month!
I'm not a pill pusher, nor do I avoid them, but I'm not really into popping pills every day.

So, what do I do to get rid of my soreness?

I hit the gym again the very next day!

Even if it's only to walk on a treadmill easily for 30 minutes, it's the quickest and easiest
way to get rid of the soreness AND I'm burning calories!
Double Bonus!
Finish up with a really nice stretch or a yoga class and your body will thank you tomorrow!

So when you are hurting, don't get lazy, but get moving!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Am A Stupid Runner

I am not a runner. I pretend I am. I wish I was. I dream of being one.
But when push comes to shove, I really suck at running and am pretty stupid when I do run.

Case in point: I just got back from a run. It's 5:20pm and +90* and JULY
See where my brains are lacking!
To add to it, I have not run in over a month, and I decided to do my loop which is around 2.5-3 miles.
To you REAL runners out there, this is pathetic. 
To runners like me, this is a descent run!

So here is my advice based off of experience on running!
(Keep in mind, if you are a REAL runner, this obvious doesn't apply to you because you know what you are doing!).

(this doesn't mean eat right before you run, but make sure you have had something about an hour before).
(before, during--if needed--and after. If you are going on a shorter run, you probably won't need much during.
For a longer run, you may need to drink during or add electrolytes ((found in drinks like Gatorade))
 to keep your body the fine tuned machine it is!).
(I have a heart rate monitor and I know my maximum heart rate I should be hitting is 190. 
((to find yours, just go 220 - your age))
When I'm running, I like to keep mine between 160 to 180. Today I found mine hitting 190. 
This was accompanied by tingling in my arms and legs. I took this as a sign to slow down and walk for a minute or two until my heart was back to a safer 170. Then I picked it up again. 
Whether you have a monitor or not, listen to your body and take a break if a break is needed. In the end, my "breaks" added only 2 minutes to my goal time. Not too bad and helped me avoid fainting!).
(I see no point in doing something that makes me miserable. If I run with good music and at a pace of my choosing, I actually enjoy myself and find I can go farther than if I have no music or am trying to keep up with someone. If you love to push yourself, PUSH YOURSELF! Make it enjoyable to you and it's more likely to become a great habit!).

Alright! There's my very on professional advice on running!